Relaxation for your Body & Mind

A Sense of the Self

In a day and age of multiple stimuli that constantly bombards us and distracts us from what we hold important, it can be a challenging process for returning to a sense of self and regaining who we truly are. Busy schedules, increasing pressures in both the personal and professional life, and the demand to put others over ourselves can take its toll. With stress one of the biggest factors currently governing our lives, it’s important to be able to take a step away and begin to feel not only rested, but able to value the more precious things in life. For some individuals, it can take days – even weeks – to completely wind down, and by that time a vacation is nearing its end. One of the most effective ways which can help restore this state of being is to enjoy a therapeutic session such as a relaxing beach massage, or become completely pampered with a luxuriant four hand massage.

By using practices such as lomi lomi massage – a time-old Hawaiian practice involving a deeper philosophical and spiritual capacity through Huna – people are able to come closer to regaining a sense of self through a profound, deeply immersive massage experience which also incorporates lifestyle aspects. By increasing the flow of energy in both a physical and spiritual capacity via long, exercised strokes, lomi lomi seeks to eliminate blockages both muscular and emotional, and this revered technique is used even today.

A Better Quality of Life

simpson-bayRelaxation isn’t just about taking a time-out, of course – it’s about reaching a better quality of life and finding a way of healing which works for a variety of issues. Particularly for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges as well as physical pain in need of rehabilitation, massage can be an effective way of restoring wellbeing. Researchers have suggested that it is an effective alternative as well as an efficient accompaniment with therapy which addresses specific problems. This can relate to any variety of issues requiring rehabilitative care such as prescription medication and substance abuse, where the both the mental, spiritual, emotional and intellectual principles of massage resonate through the touch. Especially in the beautiful island of St Maarten, this is the perfect way for individuals to relax and recoup as well as feel restored and begin an integrative healing process without any distractions.

Enjoying a Massage Together

As well as being extremely therapeutic for individuals, couples can enjoy the many benefits of this tactile technique, enjoying a sensual massage and couples massage. This is the perfect way to introduce a friend or loved one to a massage where they can feel relaxed and let go of their reservations, as well as experience a mutual sense of pleasure. As with individual massage, couples can choose either a male of female masseuse as they are being massaged at the same time. Equally satisfying is hot stone massage, which combines the nutrients and minerals found in river rocks or other basalt sources. The heat serves as an additional treatment which helps tenser muscles to loosen up, enabling the masseur to work in a deeper, more intense session. Not only does this provide satisfying pain relief particularly for those with long-term injuries, but it also improves circulation as more oxygen reaches the muscles and also provides a beneficial mental aspect.

Using these techniques can have an immensely positive impact on one’s life, and there couldn’t be a better setting than St Maarten. With the best male masseur Brian Lacointe providing the best massage in sxm and a variety of other practices, an appointment at A Touch of Handz is the perfect place to go for that healing touch which can make all the difference.

contributed by  Jenni Evans