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  • Sandy Dumas says:

    Wonderful , wonderful service ! The best ! Nothing better! Massage on the back with Brian is the best . Very professional.

  • Kim Ward says:

    Nothing like listening to the waves on the beach with the wonderful handz of Brian. Thanks again xoxo.

  • Luis says:

    A wonderful experience ! Very good massage . We recommend for evryone in St Maarten massage have a name : Brian and his partners. Thanks for an incredible job!

  • Jen & Ken says:

    Brian & Gloria were awesome! Great massages for both myself & and my husband . Would definitely recommend !
    Hope to see them again in our future visits to this beautiful island.

  • Delinda says:

    WOW! What to say? Brian gave me a great massage and eased my tensions ! Thank you for the relaxation!

  • Jill & James Glisson says:

    Perfect couple massage !!
    We highly recommend Brian & Angela for your memorable beach massage.

  • Lorna and Curtis says:

    Brian and Gloria,

    very good , loved, and both recommended anytime. Very smooth and slow , good pressure very courteous . Asking how was doing , concern to comfort. Relaxing soothing music.

  • Kelly and Roger says:

    Both Brian and Gloria did a wonderful job with such a relaxing massage. A very nice way to add something special to our vacation. Would highly recommend!
    So relaxing and professional . We shared coconuts and the juice fresh from the tree……..amazing!

  • Randy M. says:

    Angela and Gloria did exactly what we asked for ! They were very accommodating by meeting us on the beach and they were prompt at starting. They were both very personable and friendly. They performed very nice massages for my husband and I.

  • Lion says:

    Great service one of the best massage technique amazing professional cover all the muscle groups with great attention 4 stars.

  • Luis says:

    A wonderful experience! Very good massage, we recommend for everyone in St Marten massage have a name: Brian and his partners.
    Thanks for a incredible job.

  • Gaby says:

    Merci pour ton magnifique massage. Merci pour ta disponibilite et ton professionalisme.

  • Klyna says:

    The best travel, le meilleur voyage, la meilleure technique, la meilleure maitrise, la vie d’un massage dans l ‘harmonie de l’attente d’une patiente detendue, guerie de ces maux, apres une heure de plaisir.

  • John says:

    Had a wonderful relaxing massage with Angela. It was right on the beach and very serene. Absolutely good and at a great price! Highly recommend to anyone!

  • Rudy says:

    Brian gave a phenomenal massage massage. So relaxing! Would come back for sure!

  • Brigitte says:

    Je suis venue sur cette petite plage , en promenant j’ai rencontre Brian un masseur avec des doigts de fee. Super super merci! Brigitte.

  • April says:

    This experience was absolutely wonderful. Brian was very professional and his hands are magical . Loved it!

  • Michelle says:

    Het was GEWELDIG!
    Bedankt Brian !
    I’m feeling brand new again!

  • Jail says:

    My first massage in a long time and Brian was wonderful . The most relaxing massage in the most beautiful setting I have ever had!!

  • Mike Zimmerman says:

    Very nice professional massage enjoyed it very much.

  • Kathy Tenedine says:

    Great massage by Brian, 2nd one this vacation. Will have one every time we come. Thank you.

  • Kathy Tenedine says:

    Gave me a wonderful massage. He is terrific and is highly recommended will have another one on this vacation.

  • Kenny Strokes says:

    Gave me a great massage in my hotel room.
    I am a repeat customer , I had a problem with my foot and he fixed it . I have to have a massage every year. Brian is a very nice guy!
    Can’t wait until next time .

  • Joakim says:

    I work on a private yacht rising sun and have had one of the best massage ever by Brian!!
    Very skilled and very very good.
    I will 100% recommend this guy.
    I will be back! Thanks a lot!

  • Gail Harwood says:

    Thank you Brian for the relaxing easter massage!
    The day was beautiful and you are wonderful @ working all the stress out.

  • Sara says:

    Gloria was amazing first time getting a massage on vacation. It was everything I could have wished for plus more. Didn’t have to stop her once for going too hard or soft, perfection.

  • Dana Hernandez says:

    Great full body massage.
    Thanks for coming to the hotel room so that I was comfortable. Great work on my entire body.

  • Linda says:

    Aujourd’hui j’ai eu le meilleur massage de ma vie, un bon masseur, on en trouve pas partout.
    Il prend son temps avec differentes techniques , il aime ce qu’il fait . Felicitations ! Continue et bien sur a refaire dans moins de 2 semaines. Merci encore et je pete la forme!

  • AJ says:

    First massage strong hands and did exactly what I asked for, wish I could have him do me again.

  • Martin says:

    Thanks Brian & Angela best massage ever. We love you. Attention to details, professionalism and kindness. Love the environment here.
    Had a tremendous experience. Many many thanks.
    Martin and Linda Grant.

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