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French Quarter, St. Maarten:  On August 8th 2015, The Daily Herald printed the heart touching story of Ms. Rohan a mother, grandmother and savior to many children in the French Quarter area.  Ms. Rohan, who is affectionately known as Mom, took it upon herself to engage the neighborhood children in learning new arts and crafts, music and created a positive environment where they can grow, interact and become productive members of society.  When Mr. Brian Lecointe, owner and managing director of “A Touch of Handz” was directed to Ms. Rohan he did not hesitate to come to her assistance.  On Saturday August 29th he, along with his mom Jenita, presented two laptop computers to Ms. Rohan at her residence and school in French Quarter.  Ms. Rohan was so grateful and appreciative of the gesture and she did not hesitate to show both Mr. Lecointe and his mom around the school with the various projects that her students did using the bare essentials such as newspapers and the containers used for baby wipes.  Mr. Lecointe was very impressed with the work that Ms. Rohan is doing with the children of French Quarter and would like to encourage the community of St. Maarten to support causes such as the one that Ms. Rohan is so passionate about.  He believes that if we do not support our children now then we will be the ones responsible for the way that they turn out in the future.  Mr. Lecointe praises Ms. Rohan for her noble endeavors and looks forward to working along with her in the future.

Published in the Daily Herald September 07 2015.

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