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Couples Massage at Mary’s Boon

They say being on a beach is relaxing for the mind, and hanging out with your loved one is  relaxing for the heart and having a massage is the ultimate body relaxation. So why not join the three together and have a relaxing time for your body heart and mind with A...

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37 Beaches for Massage on SXM

A day at the beach is classed as a relaxing day and what about a Massage on the Beach by the experienced hands of the Team of A Touch of Handz. With 37 beaches to choose from on St Maarten / St Martin we are sure that you can find yours and we will be happy to join...

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Swedish Massage in Private Villa

Indulge yourself with a Swedish Massage in the comfort of your Villa with Brian and his A Touch of Handz Masseuse Team. After a relaxing massage enjoy the treat of french pastry and champagne offered by A Touch of Handz Team.

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